Project Description

Presently located in the third ward of Houston, in 1872, Emancipation Park was purchased by former slaves for $800 down, for 10 acres of land, later to become the home for their Juneteenth celebration. In honor of their freedom they named it Emancipation Park. In 1918, the park was acquired by the city of Houston. In 1939 the WPA constructed a community center building. Over the years, many improvements have taken place to the park. Renovation of the two existing art deco buildings and the addition of a new recreation center will be completed in 2015. A geothermal heat pump system was selected both for efficiency and security reasons, with no exposed HVAC equipment. Total system capacity is approximately 150 tons. Desert Aire Q Pumps with energy recovery wheels were selected to provide dehumidified 100% outside air and Climatermaster water source heat pumps were selected to serve the individual spaces.

Project Name: Emancipation Park
Location: Houston, TX
Owner: City of Houston
Architect: Freelon Group
Mechanical Engineer: Rice & Gardner
Mechanical Contractor: A & W Mechanical
Manufacturer(s): Climatemaster, Desert Aire